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AltaPoint EMR - Practice Management Software for Helathcare Organizations

Apex EDI - E-Claims Clearinghouse

Medical Offices
Serving Chiropractic, Dental, Medical, and Vision Care Professionals

Leave the information technology to us - concentrate on your patients. We are experienced in all aspects of software and technology integration in medical offices.

Whether you need software or hardware support, we can help you make it all work together. We are expert in integrating disparate software and hardware pieces into one funtctioning system you can depend upon.

All work is done to the highest standards of quality. We take care with the esthetics - we hide wiring behind walls and use wire channel wherever possible to make sure your office technology looks as good as it works.

We adhere to all HIPAA requirements to protect your patient confidential information.

Whether you need occasional tech support, software, new computers, or need to integrate medical instrumentation with your computer systems, we can help!

Contact us today 630-373-7429 or use our contact form.
Medical Office Practice Management oftware - AltaPoint EMR and Apex EDI

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