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Remote Backup Services - "Cloud Backup"
If you need a backup solution, or if you want to add remote, offsite backup to your current backup strategy, Medical Office Systems offers two great products:

For Small/Medium Offices: Sugar Sync
SugarSync is perfect for the small office and mobile professionals. Its speedy backup, and its ability to sync with a second computer offer great utility. You can access files from anywhere via computer or your Smartphone. You can even securely share your large data files with co-workers, clients and friends instead of unreliable email attachments.
Try SugarSync Free!
For Larger Offices: I-Drive
I-Drive has all the same great stuff as SugarSync, but with a twist just for larger offices. If you have very large backup needs or have a server running email or an SQL database service, you need I-Drive. I-Drive has the capability of backing up these special types of files, and can handle even the largest file sets.
IDrive Remote Backup

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