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Security Solutions by SOPHOS

Speedy Scan - Document Scanning and Organizing Software

Business Offices
Serving Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Run your business, don't run ragged chasing down computer problems! Experienced in business technology, we serve small and medium size business needs with tech support, anti-virus and web gateway protection, computer repair and technology integration.

We can install a SOPHOS web-filtering firewall that gives your employees secure remote access while also preventing recreational web surfing.

Are all your file cabinets overflowing with files? A document imaging system like Speedy Organizer will convert your paper documents to digital for safe, convenient storage.

Want to set up a Quickbooks Point Of Sale terminal and take credit cards? Done that.

Want to have a remote access solution to work from home?
Got it.

Need to have a security camera system that you can view from home? Or how about a web-connected thermostat to check your heating/cooling system from the coffee shop?  Done that too!

Contact us today 630-373-7429 or use our contact form.
Business Office Comupuer Consulting, Implementation and  RepairServices

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